Testing The Waters

Hello!!! :)

Its been a month since we all hung out. Its been a busy month fighting off evil.

Now, some strides have been accomplished! Hooray!
I forgot to state this last blog post.
Blogs are posted between 27-31 each month.

So get on this magical train and Feast your eyes in this!

Play Room

Just wanted to show you the level where I try new things out. Its a bit wacky I know haa.
You might notice some Stairs there for some reason :)


This is a BIG one. AI is and will be the hardest thing to accomplish in this game. From how they move, how fast, their individual attributes and from changing their diapers.
I am sooo happy with them, but killing Godzilla would’ve been easier than this shit.
No more constipation :) hehehe


The Ghost Can Now Go through walls!!
Closing doors wont help you anytime soon,
Or anything else,
it can go through anything!


Dropping items and picking them up.

Item Selecting!

No dragging items, just a simple click. Why cant life be that easy? :)

Cute little Animation for icons when they’re found.
They do not move when added to your inventory.

Items work, no duplicates, setting down traps, using keys and escaping all work now.

This is a interesting one.
The Door stays open until someone or something has left the proximity.
Just something i’m testing right now,
It might be for specific doors in the future, but for now, this is how they act.
Pretty preppy.

You can only close the door, when your out of its swing, so that you wont mistakenly close the door and it pushes you inside the door or into the room you just left. OR into the monster. I’ve had it happen to me ;(

New Animation Program

So I acquired a new animation software for Corina!
The last one wasn’t comfortable, so we decided to change.
I thought of 3 ways on how to animate/Draw the characters.
Which actually might change the style of the models a bit with one of those options.
No spoilers yet, but when the day it comes, it’s going to be something.
She needs a bit of time before our characters come to life.
Which means I gotta impress everyone with everything else :O


Hmmm. What did I say last month, something about an playable alpha for this month.
Well, unfortunately people, Its here! Haaaaaaa Gotcha!
It might have bugs obviously, its still months away from being polished, but right now I have not seen anything groundbreaking.
It is a bit bare bones in terms of items as well!
If You had the chance to play the game at the level up expo. That was version 0.0.5.
This month is available to people that know this blog only, testing the waters you know? Get it?
Its v 0.0.8.
v 0.0.9 will be out next month.
I’m not sure when I will stop the free Alpha updates, but as of now, i plan on updating the one in the download link.


What is currently being worked on?
What a good looking question,

  • Level Design

  • 100% Randomly Generated Houses/Rooms,
    (No more semi generation.)

  • More items

  • Testing Room Sizes, and Styles

  • Furniture Placements

  • Crouching

  • Stairs

For NOW?
Play it! Go Go! Your wasting your time with this crappy blog and this sentence that has nothing to do, but waste more time.

Quick note: If you see any bugs, email me, or messaging me via social media and telling me would be helpful.
Also, Telling me your FPS/Highest Graphics you can play on.
Thank you :)

How to Play?

Escape via Garage or Front Door(located in the basement)
No tutorial as of now, playing is the best way to learn :)
Keyboard and Mouse Buttons are shown via main menu in-game!

Download HERE

Sergio Gil