Ready, Set, Start!

Hi there!

Development is definitely early and for you to come on by to read these updates is mind-blowing. These Blogs will be updated every end of the Month (25-30), so you can know the progress we made.

This is the unofficial official piece of writing of a Dev blog, post, and secret diary in history.


Oh damn! Working as a indie game dev just makes you pass out with 4 hours of sleep each day you know?

So lets throw away all this meaningless fun writing and get to the point.

(OR just skip this.. Its cool.)

Scary Movie Night is a Horror Survival Game.


You seem to be chased out of each of your house somehow, even with all the moving.

The houses you live in are somewhat randomly generated.

SEMI-Random Generation is what we common-folk call it.


Each house will have different aethestics, dynamic events and items.

Monsters are also random and all have different unique skills.

Items are here to help, by unlocking locked doors in the house, teleportation and to a item that makes you lose your pants. Mhm, you read right. Feel that breeze.


One objective is to escape the house without getting caught by the monsters, another could be to save 3 people in the house.

There’s definitely more on my mind, but for now, we’ll keep that under wraps.

Lets get to that fine sweet juicy so juicy details.

Room Generation

Working on Modular Sets to work as smoothly as possible.

No matter the length of the rooms, they will be seamlessly connected.

In-Game Footage is a bit old.

The House you play in, is in a ongoing Renovation.


Here is a fancy looking GIF of a very few Models I have done.



You’ll get to know these guys in later blog posts, like their abilities!



Before And After. Still in the works, but definitely liking the direction!

(The one that’s brighter is the after.)

Story Mode

I’m currently writing ideas for Story Mode right now.

From unlocking character skins, maps, characters and items.

This will be discussed in a later blog post.



The Alpha was planned to release during this post,


1. Improving character animations needs to be done.

2. Long story short, I wouldn’t see Corina for weeks, so I spent time with her.


It will be out in June.

Everything seems to be working so far, Corina needs to do work on the character animations and I just need to paint Rooms.

I would rather have a full fledged Alpha for you guys to try out, so thank you for understanding!

See ya Next Month!

Note: If you still wanna try it and get your hands on it earlier than all the other peasants, Contact Us.

Sergio Gil